Garage Surveys

You may have noticed that our team has been carrying out survey work on the garages to Warley House, Ilford House, Threadgold House and Ongar House this week. All tenants of the garages should have received notice of termination of tenancy directly from Islington Council last year.

These garages are scheduled for demolition in March 2016, if you still have items remaining in these garages please remove them by 29th February after which time our contractors will dispose of the contents and the previous tenants may be liable for the cost of disposal.

To survey the garages our contractors have removed the padlocks from each garage to gain access to check for asbestos.  Following the surveys the garages are re-secured using batons screwed to both sides of the door. Stickers are then be placed on the door to confirm they have been surveyed and inform us which garages contain asbestos. All surveys should be complete by 18th January.

Any asbestos found in these garages will be removed by a licensed asbestos removal contractor prior to demolition who will ensure the work is done in a safe manner ensuring no danger to the public.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Senior Site Manager Dave Twells at or call him on 07977 539965.

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