Resident Notice – Change to the Lovell Site Team

We write to inform you that there has been a change to the Lovell site team for The Dover Court Scheme.

Dave Twells has moved to a different position in the company and therefore has left the Dover Court project. Kenton White a Site Manger that has been involved in the project for 6 months will be responsible for the project.

Iveta Tomasevska will be the new Resident Liaison Officer for the Dover Court Scheme. Iveta will be based on site 3 days a week and will be your main port of call. However Alexandra Robins will still be a part of the project.

During the time that the works are being undertaken, we will endeavour to ensure that everything is carried out to make the process as neighbour friendly as we can.

Should you have any queries or concerns, please contact us on 0208 731 3800, alternately write us an email to or

We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and on going support.