Festive Fun

Lovell are running a competition for all the resident’s children on the Estate. This Christmas, Lovell are giving all children the chance to win a Christmas treat.

They just need some help from their parents to share their fantastic artistic skills. So whether you’ve got a messy mini Picasso on your hands, or your little helper likes to colour neatly inside the lines, it’s a fun activity for the lead up to Christmas.

The competition will run from Monday 26th November to Friday 7th December. There will be prizes handed out to the children week commencing Monday 10th December so please ensure that all art work is handed in by Friday 7th December as we do not want to disappoint anyone.

Should you have any queries regarding this letter or your child wants to enter the competition, please contact me on 0208 731 3800, alternately you can write me an email to Alexandra.Robins@lovell.co.uk so I can send over the activity sheet that needs to be completed.