We write to inform you that we will be working on site Saturday 30th November and Saturday 7th December, from 8am to 1pm. Noisy works will be kept to a minimum where possible. This won’t be a regular occurrence and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, as we are committed to providing the residents with the highest level of service.

The reason for Lovell working the next two Saturdays is to ensure that bricks and blocks are laid to avoid missing a floor plank date. As we don’t want to cause further delays to the programme by pushing the floor plank delivery back to the next available slot we need to be on site on both Saturdays to complete the brickwork.

As with all works being carried out by Lovell, we must balance possible disruption to the residents. Working during the week and Saturdays provides us with the best chance to complete these works safely and on time. We hope you will appreciate that there may be a level of disruption during the implementation of this scheme. If works are essential to be carried out on a Saturday, we will seek permission from London Borough of Islington in advance and ensure residents are made aware.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation.


Lovell is running a competition for all resident’s children on the Estate/surrounding area of our site. This Christmas, Lovell is giving all children the chance to win a Christmas treat.

They just need some help from their parents to share their fantastic artistic skills. So, whether you’ve got a messy mini Picasso on your hands, or your little helper likes to colour neatly inside the lines, it’s a fun activity for the lead up to Christmas.

This year we need help decorating the Christmas tree in our head office, therefore we would like to receive Christmas decorations. The decorations can be made up of anything and any shape, please turn over for some simple ideas. However please feel free to do something different.

The competition will run until Friday 6th December. There will be prizes handed out to the children when Lovell collect their artwork so please ensure that everything is handed in prior to Friday 6th December as we do not want to disappoint anyone.

Should you have any queries regarding this letter or your child wants to enter the competition, please contact me on 0208 731 3800, alternatively you can write me an email to

We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and ongoing support during the construction works. We understand that there has been some disruption during the delivery of the works but we do our utmost to keep this to a minimum.