Site Closure

We write to inform you that we are temporarily shutting The Dover Court Site down for a period. This is to ensure we are following the Governments advise/guidelines in keeping our customers, clients, employees and supply chain safe.

Given the evolving and dynamic nature of the situation, it is too early to put a timeline on the project suspensions, but we are hopeful it will be relatively short. During the shutdown period a member of Lovel will visit at least twice a week and CCTV is still operation and being monitored 24/7.

During this period if there’s an emergency on site please contact Russell Lane the Operations Manager on 07977 016185.

To report a defect in your property please go through the normal channels.

Lovell’s emergency out of office number is 0800 030 4690.

If you have any queries regarding this message or about the site, please feel free to contact Alexandra Robins via email or on 0208 731 3800

Stay safe.